Learning Starts from Day One with Infants!

Love ‘n Learn Educational Child Care has two Infant Programs to better serve the individual needs of  your sweet bundle!

Infants I

Our Infant I program allows children 6 weeks to approximately one year plenty of room to explore with tummy time, crawling, and exploring various toys to stimulate their social, emotional, language, and sensory development.

Lesson planning for the Infant I class utilizes the feature rich Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers. The monthly plan is always posted right inside the classroom for all parents to review.

Each infant is on an individual schedule, depending on the infant’s needs and the parent’s desire. Infant teachers spend most of their day nurturing and taking special care of the needs of the infants. You will receive verbal and/or written reports each day regarding your child’s nap, feeding times and diaper changes, as well as new behaviors and learned skills.

The room is filled with toys that stimulate large and small motor muscle movements, coordination, the senses, creative expression and socialization. Interaction with the children at this age is important. Emerging language skills are enhanced with sign language so encourage communication between the Infants and teachers.

Each infant has his/her own crib; cribs are never shared and are fully sanitized each week, in addition whenever the crib is transferred to a newly arriving infant. Infants are only placed in their cribs at nap time, and do not sleep in swings, bouncy seats, or on the floor. Each Infant also has their own storage area for their diapers, wipes, extra formula and bottles, pacifiers and changes of clothing. (Marking these items with first and last names is very important to avoid mixing them up with another child’s items.)

Our Infants love the Bye Bye Buggy (a canopied six-seated stroller) for rides in our safe enclosed outdoor areas.

Infants II

Our two distinct Infant I and Infant II rooms allow us to separate mobile infants from non-mobile infants. When an infant is approximately 12 months of age, they are welcomed into the Infant II Room. A loving, caring, nurturing environment is provided where the mobile infants can grow and develop without hindrance.

Infants do not need to be walkers before moving to this room, but certainly will be mobile and active! Bottles are rarely seen in the Infant II Room; formula and other liquids are served in sippy cups. Our Infant II babies might take a shorter morning nap, but strive to grow into the schedule of one longer (2-2 ½ hours) nap in the afternoon following lunch.

Our daily lesson plans, utilizing the Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers, encompass all of the objectives and goals as defined by the Ohio Department of Education Guidelines.

The Infant II classroom is arranged with center based activities, allowing each individual Infant the opportunity to choose by their own interest. Each Infant in this classroom has a crib personally assigned, and at 16 months is given the opportunity to transition to a small cot. The child then has the choice of a crib or cot until the transition is complete.

Children’s socialization skills are enhanced by eating meals at the table with their friends. Children are always learning even while participating in quality play. You continue to receive verbal and/or written reports each day regarding your child’s nap, feeding times and diaper changes, as well as new behaviors and learned skills.

Our older Infants enjoy daily trips to our gym when weather conditions prevent utilization of our outdoor small Toddler climbing yard. Rides in the Bye-bye buggy are a favorite, usually ending up with play time in the outdoor Love ‘n Learn Village.

We paint, we read, we play music all day and sing and dance. We have a feature rich classroom loaded with sensory opportunities, and many challenges to help move along on our developmental pathway. Our teaching staff is highly experienced with a tremendous wealth of experience and background applied in a loving and creative environment.

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