Love ‘n Learn has an Awesome Program Designed Just for Your Child!

Love ‘n Learn

Love ‘n Learn has a terrific program for any age!

Whether your child is a tiny sweet infant or already in school, Love ‘n Learn has wonderful programs designed to enrich your child.

Infants Program

The Love ‘n Learn Infant Program is developmentally appropriate and encourages your baby’s growth. Children in this age group are not ready for group activities. Most of the day is devoted to individual time and independent activity.

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Toddlers Program

Toddlers are so interesting! They are very busy, intently curious, and are rapidly becoming very independent. Our Toddler Program includes a variety of learning experiences to help your toddler develop cooperation, and socialization and self-control. Both small and large motor development toys are provided to help develop muscles and expand minds.

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PreSchool Program

It’s time to learn even more in our PreSchool Program! Your child is becoming more independent, and needs a little more direction and structure to engage their mind. Love ‘n Learn is here to help, using the Creative Curriculum for PreSchool.

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PreKindergarten Program

In the Love ‘n Learn PreKindergarten Program, ensuring your child has the knowledge and skills to excel in Kindergarten and beyond is our number one priority!

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Summer Camp Program

Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime…….ah, the fun days of summer just bring out the best in kids! The Love ‘n Learn Summer Camp Program is where kids just get to be kids! We enjoy the outdoors and field trips, learning and sharing, and so much more!

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